Health and Safety

Historical Palaces & Hotels Group

is looking forward to welcoming again clients to the unique city of Venice!

To guarantee health & safety of our valued clients and our staff, we have put in place various regulations, protocols and actions.

Our Health & Safety protocol is strictly following the indications received by the Italian government, as well as the general guidelines of the WHO and the guiding criteria by the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work and the Italian College of Health with the main goal of reducing the risk of contagion for individuals and for the community in all production and economic sectors.

It is understood that, based on the evolution of the epidemiological scenario, the indicated measures may be reshaped.

  • Proper cleaning of all guests rooms before arrival
  • Proper cleaning & disinfection of common areas before arrival of guests
  • The hotel staff will provide adequate information on prevention measures, understandable also for customers of other nationalities
  • Body temperature may be detected, preventing access in case of body temperature > 37.5° C
  • Front Office desk will be equipped with physical barriers to guarantee requested distance
  • Electronic payments will be favored, with automated check-in and check-out systems when possible
  • Guests will be required to always wear a mask in common areas
  • Employees will be required to always wear masks when in presence of customers and when interpersonal distance of at least one meter cannot be guaranteed
  • Availability and accessibility to hand sanitizers with hydro-alcoholic solutions will be ensured in various locations within the hotel, promoting their frequent use by customers and employees
  • The use of lifts will have to allow respect for interpersonal distance, even when wearing masks
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of all rooms and common areas will be ensured with particular attention to surfaces being touched more frequently (light switches, elevator buttons, door handles, windows, etc.)
  • Natural ventilation of rooms and common areas will be periodically ensured
  • The frequency of maintenance / replacement of incoming air filters will be increased